“Queen of the Rodeo”


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“Queen of the Rodeo”
collage, acrylic, oil on paper, 18×12″
2020, framed

“What’s a boy to do?
Hit the road with a dollar or two
Haunted by what he knows he can’t do
Gets it off his chest
‘Cause there ain’t no glory in the west…

Burnin’ on ahead, blazing through it
Running blind again
Nowhere left to go, goin’s all we know
Ridin’ past the best
And there’s still no rest…

Count your blessings they’ll say
And after each midnight begins a new day
But don’t place your bets on a word they say
They’ll put your life to rest
‘Cause there ain’t no glory in the west
No there ain’t no glory in the west.”

-Orville Peck

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