“I Dream of Caspian”


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“I Dream of Capsian”
collage, acrylic, ink, oil on vintage canvas paravan, triptych
2022, by Vanessa Compton

When my Grandmother Kay Brown (also a professional collagist) passed into the spirit realm, this triptych paravan was left untouched in her studio. The canvas was blank, waiting to be created upon. With it I wanted to make a collage inspired by a piece she had created in the late 80’s, a collage that celebrated the lake and land surrounding Greensboro, VT, a place we had both called home. This is my response piece, informed by childhood memories and what I carry into my own adulthood and the present. Rooted in reality but never bound by it.

Art is revolution and collecting art is a powerful way to add beauty, meaning and inspiration to one’s life. It can happen at any budget level and payment over multiple installments is always an option, it’s how I collect art myself! Please ask if you’re curious, send me a message at [email protected] and we can figure out a plan that works for you to get the piece of your dreams.

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