“The Year of Magical Thinking”


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“The Year of Magical Thinking”
collage, watercolor, acrylic on vintage Aches paper
15x21x1″, professionally framed, 2020
An artistic collaboration between Vanessa Compton and George Middleton ~

For several years now I have been collaborating with the artist George Middleton. In many ways George and I are unlikely bedfellows, George is a highly talented representational painter in watercolor, oil and acrylic and works out of Lowell, MA. In both style and substance George’s instincts evolve from the traditions of religious art- combining realist and visionary conceptions of nature and people. His desire is to provoke the memory of the our connection with the world as a living being and that is where our creativity meets and sparks off one another.

For several weekends during the fall of 2020 George made the trek from his studio in MA to my studio in northern VT and we worked obsessively side by side. This is a collaborative piece that came out of those highly creative and joy filled weekends.

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