“On Becoming”


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“On Becoming”
collage, acrylic, spray paint, oil on canvas, 10x10x2″
by Vanessa Compton, 2022

I believe that grief is a powerfully normal response to climate change and other forms of environmental degradation that we are bearing witness to. Recently I’ve been feeling engulfed by solastalgia, a concept developed to “give greater meaning and clarity to environmentally induced distress.” There’s an honor to grief because it means that we have loved something.

Art is revolution and collecting art is a powerful way to add beauty, meaning and inspiration to one’s life. It can happen at any budget level and payment over multiple installments is always an option, it’s how I collect art myself. Please ask if you’re curious, send me a message at info@krinshawstudios.com and we can figure out a plan that works for you to get the piece of your dreams.

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