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collage, acrylic, oil on paper, 18×12″
2020, framed

“Maybe sparrow, you should wait
The hawks alight ’til morning
You never pass beyond the gate
If you don’t hear my warning

Notes are hung so effortless
With the rise and fall of sparrow’s breast
It’s a drowning diving
Back to the chorus la dee dum

Oh my sparrow, it’s too late
Your body limp beneath my feet
Your dusty eyes as cold as clay
You didn’t hear my warning, didn’t hear my warning

Maybe sparrow, it’s too late
The moonlight glanced off metal wings
In a thunderstorm above the clouds
The engine hums a sparrow’s phrase
For those who cannot hear the words
For those who cannot hear the words
Those who will not hear the words
La dee da la dee da
Maybe sparrow
Maybe sparrow
Maybe sparrow”

-Neko Case

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