“Heavy Lo”


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“Heavy Lo”
collage, acrylic and oil on canvas, 13x10x2″, professionally framed.
Created in 2018 using imagery from photographer Omar Victor Diop –> www.omarvictor.com

100% of sales proceeds will be donated to Conscious Homestead Botanica –> www.conscioushomestead.org

“All the words we lost in interpretation,
all the nuances we lost in translation
What are the cords that bind us together still?
In similarity and recognition
Is it the way the food was seasoned?
Is it the scene of every social?
Lets go for I-nity feeling on
I-nity has come ratherly
All I remember and embarrassing didn’t know
that time was one to see
this fragility in I-manity
as well as secrecy, cruelty and arrogancy
Then here comes the Lamb that Lion for all
and defeat who come to deceive
and preserve the I-niversal law
of fairness and equality
the statutes and judgments of a just League
to with all members had already agreed
were trampled into dust
it was a precedence set in degree
so at dispossession of love and peace
then rose to address the League
Today for me, tomorrow for you.”
-Midnite, excerpt from “Lamb that Lion for All”

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